In collaboration with agency Bissö and QuePartner, Steward Health Care Colombia has launched its new website stewardcolombia.org, a reflection of its commitment to innovation and accessibility in the healthcare sector. Steward Health Care, one of the largest private, physician-led health care systems, serves 2.2 million people annually, offering a wide range of services including hospitals, primary care, managed care, and health insurance services. The collaboration with Bissö has made it possible to create a platform that not only stands out visually but also provides an easy and intuitive navigation experience for all users.

With an intuitive user experience, an extensive portfolio of services, and an easy-to-use medical directory, stewardcolombia.org sets a new standard in the online presentation of healthcare services.

Patient-Centered User Experience

Steward Health Care Colombia’s website design is focused on providing an unprecedented user experience. Recognizing the diversity of users seeking medical information and services online, the site has been designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate for all types of visitors, from patients and family members to medical professionals.

Intuitive Navigation

From the moment users enter the site, they are met with a clear and organized interface that makes it easy to search for specific information about health services, hospital locations, and contact details. The structure of the site is meant to guide users logically through the relevant information, ensuring that they find what they need easily and efficiently.

Portfolio of Services

Steward Health Care Colombia offers a wide spectrum of medical services, and the website does an exceptional job of presenting this information in a detailed and organized manner. Users can explore the various healthcare services, including medical specialties, preventive care programs, and surgical procedures, allowing patients to fully understand how Steward Health Care can address their specific needs.

Medical Directory

A highlight of the site is its comprehensive medical directory, which allows users to search for and learn about medical professionals within the Steward Health Care network. This resource is invaluable for patients seeking specialists in specific areas of medicine, offering detailed profiles of physicians, including their specialties, practice locations, and credentials.

Visually Appealing

The collaboration with Bissö has resulted in a website that is not only functional but also visually appealing. The modern, professional aesthetic reflects Steward Health Care’s quality and commitment to excellence in healthcare. The images and graphic design have been carefully selected to complement the information provided, making the overall browsing experience enjoyable and stimulating.


Steward Health Care Colombia’s website, developed in collaboration with Bissö, is a testament to how technology and web design can improve access to and understanding of healthcare services. We invite everyone to visit the site to find out how Steward Health Care is transforming healthcare in Colombia.

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